What are So-Called ‘Right to Work’ and Paycheck Deception Bills All About?

Too often in Jefferson City, extremist politicians focus on political payback and protecting big corporations instead of investing in the middle class and creating the good jobs that will get our economy moving again.  We need our leaders to stop the political attacks and build a Missouri economy that works for everyone.

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We Are Missouri is a diverse coali­tion of workers, stu­dents, seniors and their fam­i­lies who are fighting for these good-paying jobs, and holding accountable the extremist politicians who insist on attacking workers instead of creating jobs.  Together, we will build a Missouri economy that works for everyone.  

Latest Updates

Southeast Missourian, Mar. 20: Missouri Senate panel passes 1 bill targeting labor unions

Right-to-work legislation, which would ban contracts that force all workers to pay union fees, was sent on Tuesday to the full Senate. But the Senate Small Business, Insurance and Industry Committee failed to move forward with what supporters call a “paycheck protection” measure that would require annual written authorization from public employee union members before paying union dues.

St. Louis Public Radio, Feb. 18: Missouri Senate leader on the fence about ‘right to work’

Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey, R-St. Charles, says he has yet to take a position on the “right-to-work’’ bill that is headed to his chamber after passing the House last week. “I’m still looking at it,’’ Dempsey said in an interview.

Associated Press, Feb. 11: Missouri Takes a Step Toward Becoming ‘Right-to-Work’ State

Missouri took a step toward joining 24 other states with right-to-work laws when its House voted Wednesday to bar the collection of fees from workers who choose not to join a union.

The vote of 92 to 66 with two lawmakers voting present, marks an advance for supporters of right-to-work after a similar measure last year had failed to get a constitutional majority of 82 lawmakers in favor and Republican leaders dropped it. House Speaker John Diehl said in a statement the bill would get final approval Thursday.

The measure still faces an uphill climb to become law. It must pass the Senate and then would go to Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon, who repeated on Wednesday his opposition.

Kansas City Star, Feb. 11: Missouri House gives initial approval to right-to-work bill

Legislation barring construction unions from charging fees to non-union workers won initial approval of the Missouri House Wednesday. The legislation, dubbed right to work, is the most contentious of disputes between management and unions played out in state legislatures across the nation. It still needs one more vote in the House before it would go to the Senate, where it would likely face a filibuster.

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