Call Your Legislator About Paycheck Deception

One vote seals fate of paycheck deception bill in Missouri Senate
May 16, 2016

Call Your Legislator About Paycheck Deception

Thanks for taking the time to contact your legislator. Your phone will soon ring and you’ll be connected directly to the capitol switchboard. Please be polite, but firm in explaining that:

“Paycheck protection” is an unnecessary law backed by big corporations, CEOs, and special interest groups to silence the voice of working families and their unions.

  • Paycheck deception is an assault on the free speech of folks like police officers, firefighters and teachers.
    The goal of the bill is to silence political speech by these public servants so that big corporations, CEO’s and other special interest groups can control our political system without opposing voices
  • Corporations already outspend unions 15-to-1, Corporations want to ensure that their voices are completely unopposed to make it 15-to-none.
  • These voices ensure that workers are treated fairly, and can secure fair pay and safe working conditions
  • No worker, by law, can be forced to fund a union’s right to free speech. They are trying to mislead us by saying they can so they can manipulate us into supporting this terrible bill.

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