Gallup Poll: Midwest & Independent Voters Want Stronger Unions

With less than a month before Missouri lawmakers return to Jefferson City to consider a veto override of ALEC’s so-called “Right to Work” legislation, more Americans indicate support for unions.

Yesterday, the Gallup organization released a survey showing that 58% of Americans approve of labor unions. However, the number of union supporters jumps to 66% when asking residents in the Midwest. The results of the surveys indicate while out of state interest groups want to eliminate labor unions, hard working Missourians and the rest of the country want to maintain unions.

Not only do Americans approve of unions, the majority of people want to see the power of unions strengthened, not weakened. Unions consistently are the leading voice of middle-class Missourians, advocating for better wages, safe working conditions, and access to affordable healthcare for a worker’s family. “Right to Work” legislation would do significant harm to the influence unions have in fighting corporate interests.

In Missouri, opposing “Right to Work” unites Democrats and Republicans. What sticks out in the Gallup survey is 52% of Independents approve of labor unions. As the 2016 election creeps closer, lawmakers should be wary of opposing the views of their constituents, especially the heavily-sought-after swing voters.

The “Bottom Line,” according to Gallup writer Lydia Saad, is “Americans’ views of unions are largely restored to what they were six years ago. The solid majority approve of unions, and most would like to see unions’ power strengthened, or at least maintained.”
For the Full Gallup Poll Results:

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