The We Are Missouri Coalition

We Are Missouri is a diverse coali­tion of workers, stu­dents, seniors and their fam­i­lies who are fighting for these good-paying jobs, and holding accountable the extremist politicians who insist on attacking workers instead of creating jobs.  Together, we will build a Missouri economy that works for everyone.  

For too long, middle class Missouri families have been struggling to make ends meet in the worst economy since the Great Depression. Working Missourians need jobs and a balanced economy that works for everyone, and we need politicians to step up to the plate.

But in Jefferson City, extremist politicians are too focused on political payback for the CEOs and big corporations instead of working together to create the good jobs that will get our economy moving again. Some state politicians and their special interest friends are making a power grab and trying to pass laws to weaken middle class families. By undermining workers’ rights, these greedy CEOs gain even more profits – at the expense of our wages, our retirement security and our kids’ future.

These extremist politicians in our legislature have moved one anti-worker measure after another, while doing nothing to put Missouri back to work. Instead, they have been focused on weakening protections against age discrimination, attempting to lower wages, and attacking teachers instead of the lingering jobs crisis.

We need our elected leaders to help create the kind of good jobs that pay a fair wage and help give our kids the education they need to have a better life – not exploit our children’s teachers, the workers rebuilding our communities after natural disasters, nurses and firefighters – the people that make Missouri work every day.