Too often in Jefferson City, extremist politicians focus on political payback and protecting big corporations instead of investing in the middle class and creating the good jobs that will get our economy moving again.  We need our our leaders stop the political attacks and build a Missouri economy that works for everyone.

Pushed by extremist politicians and shady interest groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), so-called “right to work” bills are about politics, plain and simple. These proposals are part of a larger anti-worker effort by greedy CEOs and big corporations and their politicians to limit the voices and rights of works — so they get to write their own ticket.

Conservatives love to claim that being “right to work” helps a state boost its economy. But  according to the Economic Policy Institute, “right to work” laws actually:

  • reduce wages by $1,500 a year for ALL workers, after accounting for different costs of living in the states;
  • lower the likelihood that employees get health care or pensions through their jobs—again, for both union and nonunion employees
  • have no impact whatsoever on job growth

Paycheck Deception bills are about politics — not economics. These bills are designed by politicians to hurt their political opponents by eliminating public employee unions.  CEOs and their politicians want unions gone so they can have 100% of the political power. Going after struggling workers instead of reining in big banks and CEOs who wrecked our economy is the wrong priority.

Without prevailing wage rules, construction projects will be awarded to the lowest bidder who will cut corners and take risks to do the project at a lower cost. We don’t want to drive on highways and bridges built with cheap labor and lower-quality materials. Our priority should be public safety and quality construction, not the cheapest price.

Prevailing wage bills are all about politics. They won’t create a single job and they won’t get our state’s economy back on track.

Right now, extremist politicians and special interest groups are collaborating to attack our teachers and public schools. Their proposed Constitutional Amendment attacks frontline teachers, but does nothing to ensure Missouri children receive a quality education.

Tenure allows teachers to be fearless advocates for children and students without fear of reprisal. In the absence of tenure, teachers might lose their jobs for advocating aggressively for responsible spending, holding a student accountable to high expectations or pressing for necessary resources for a student with special needs.

Everyone – parents, teachers and family members – should be held accountable for student success, but specifically attacking teachers distracts from the real problems facing our schools. Our elected officials should focus on the chronic underfunding, overcrowded classrooms and unfulfilled promises from the legislature that have plagued many Missouri schools.

A serious solution to the problems faced by Missouri students would empower teachers rather than undermine them. The extremists’ initiative punishes those who dedicate their lives to teaching by devaluing teacher experience.